212 Modern Monogamy, Open Marriage, and Polyamory

Co-Creating Relationship Agreements

Modern relationships today take many forms, and couples are creating them intentionally, with a focus on honesty, transparency and equality. What all these relationship choices have in common is the dilemma of personal and relational integrity. How do couples negotiate commitment, keep their promises, and find their personal sexual freedom at the same time? This workshop looks at contemporary relationships and helps clinicians guide couples to create sustainable and flexible monogamy agreements that contribute positively to relational change. You'll discover how to: 

  • Explore new types of monogamy and open relationships and how couples are creating them  
  • Identify how to help clients co-create their ideal relationship agreements 
  • Provide nonjudgmental guidance for those who break their agreements, have affairs, or have trouble visualizing their ideal vision of modern monogamy 
  • Examine your own biases and countertransference around non-traditional relationships 

Tammy Nelson, PhD, is a board-certified sexologist, a certified Imago therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and the author of Open Monogamy; Co-creating Your Ideal Relationship Agreement.


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November 16, 2021
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