217 Navigating Breakups and New Beginnings

How to Apply Relational Self-Awareness

The data is clear: most of us will author more than one love story in our lifetime. We talk a lot about the skills and paradigms that individuals and couples need in order to create an intimate relationship. But we don’t talk nearly enough about the skills and paradigms that individuals and couples need in order to end an intimate relationship. Learning relational metaskills can help clients approach endings—and new beginnings—with more integrity and Relational Self-Awareness, reducing collateral damage to both self and others. In this workshop, discover an integrative approach for helping your clients better understand the thoughts, feelings, and common issues that arise during a breakup as well as integrating the loss and preparing to begin dating again. You’ll explore:

  • How to teach Relational Self-Awareness as an essential metaskill to navigate clarify boundaries and make sense of relationship endings
  • How to help clients advocate for their relational needs with romantic partners
  • An integrative approach to helping clients move from fear and relational ambivalence toward empowerment and clarity

Alexandra Solomon, PhD, is adjunct faculty at Northwestern University, a therapist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, host of the podcast, Reimagining Love, and the author of Loving Bravely and Taking Sexy Back.


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November 16, 2021
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