Busting Open How We Think About Burnout

In her deeply sympathetic, sex-positive bestseller, Come as You Are, Kinsey-trained sex educator Emily Nagoski normalized differences in sexuality and desire for millions of readers. Her popular TED Talk went on to dismantle the myth that physical reactions to sexual stimuli are always tied to desire. But when her twin sister experienced stress-induced burnout that landed her in the ER, she turned her public focus from sexuality to our modern epidemic of emotional exhaustion. In Burnout, her newest bestselling book, which she co-wrote with her sister, she confronts a national self-care movement that’s missed how staying well is a state of action, rather than a state of mind.

In this talk, Nagoski will share how to practice care by moving from effort to rest and back, from connection to autonomy and back, and from adventure to homecoming and back. She’ll also tackle how to respond when gender, race, dis/ability, and socioeconomic status are barriers to that care.


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November 17, 2021
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