February 13, 2023

Dear Therapists Podcast

Apply to be a Guest on Lori Gottlieb’s and Guy Winch’s “Dear Therapists” podcast! 


If you have a pressing issue in any of your relationships – with your significant other, family, parents, or adult children – and would like expert advice from two leading therapists, you are welcome to apply! 
Just click the link below and fill out a simple form to be considered. 
We’re looking for someone who has: 
  • A specific issue related to a relationship that they’d like addressed by experts. 
  • Availability Saturday, March 18 from 7pm – 9:30pm EST (interview will be remote – no travel required) 
  • A desire for growth and change and willingness to participate anonymously in a public interview for the podcast. 
  • Must be 18+ to apply 


If you’d like to apply, just complete this simple application here: 


Complete Form Here


If selected, you will receive an email to schedule a call with a “Dear Therapist” staff member soon.