206 – Making Mindfulness Stick with Children and Teens


Making Mindfulness Stick with Children and Teens

A Practical Approach

Please note: this in-person workshop has reached capacity. 

As we emerge into a new normal of the pandemic, so many children and teens are looking for more skills to self-regulate challenging emotions. When we can effectively introduce mindfulness-based resilience and regulation into our sessions, we empower kids to transform themselves, allowing them to identify and regulate their emotions and attention using fun, effective exercises. In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover ways to share powerful mind-body practices that can immediately engage kids who are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. You’ll explore how to:

  • Present mindfulness in creative ways that break through resistance and maximize engagement both in and out of the clinical hour
  • Use specific strategies to tailor mindfulness to a diagnosis and development
  • Share dozens proven practices that help children with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other common presenting concerns

Discover the exciting neuroscience behind mindfulness and ways to share that information with kids and families

Christopher Willard, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and author of nineteen books including Growing Up Mindful and Alphabreaths. He leads workshops internationally and serves on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.