301 – Releasing Personal and Intergenerational Trauma


Releasing Personal and Intergenerational Trauma

IFS and Legacy Burdens

Please note: this in-person workshop has reached capacity.

According to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, legacy burdens—the beliefs and emotions we absorb from our family, peers, and cultural regarding ourselves and the groups with whom we identify or consider “other”—are powerful organizers of our minds and behaviors. But how do you work with them in the therapy room? In this workshop, you’ll how the IFS model of therapy can help clients explore the sources of those burdens and the fears they often face in releasing them. This work is critically important to create more peace and less divisiveness in our fractured world. You’ll discover how to:

· Help clients release personal and intergenerational burdens related to traumatic experiences in their lives

· Ensure that clients’ parts feel safe and allowed to relax, so they can experience the qualities of confidence, openness, and compassion that IFS calls the Self

· Support Self-led activism and work with personal and legacy burdens that get triggered in the context of political conflict and unrest

· Help clients facilitate their healing of their own parts

Richard Schwartz, PhD, is the developer of IFS therapy model and the director of the IFS Institute. He’s on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.