Thursday Afternoon Keynote

Rethinking the Invisible Work of Domestic Life

Harvard-trained Eve Rodsky had built a flourishing career in family mediation, strategy, and organizational management when she suddenly realized that she was shouldering a wildly unequal amount of her family’s emotional and domestic labor. This motivated a deep dive into what the research shows: women often do two-thirds of what it takes to run a household, regardless of if they work outside the home—having huge impacts on mental and physical health, employment, and life and relationship satisfaction. With her popular documentary, Fair Play, and bestselling book and card deck of the same name, Rodsky is now spearheading a revolution, offering a practical solution to help divvy up the workload at home so no one person is responsible for it all. In this keynote, she’ll discuss how hidden burdens show up for women and families, and how therapists can play a huge role in disseminating the solution and changing the culture.

Note: No CE credit will be available for this workshop.

Researcher and bestselling author Eve Rodsky will discuss how therapists can address the practical and relational impact of one partner taking on an unequal share of the invisible burdens and emotional labor in families and households.