Symposium Awards


Sometimes, in the field of psychotherapy, one person’s courageous departure from tradition can evolve into work that inspires millions of other practitioners, influences other therapeutic modalities, and transforms the lives of countless clients for the better. This kind of effect unfolds over time—usually over the course of an entire career. 

The Psychotherapy Networker Lifetime Achievement Award is given to people whose vision, creativity, passion, and commitment have fueled extraordinary contributions to psychotherapy. 

Individuals honored by this award have dedicated themselves to furthering the scientific, philosophical, and practical foundations of psychotherapy. They’ve broadened our understanding of the human experience and promoted awareness of and access to psychotherapy. 

The 2024 Recipient of the Psychotherapy Networker Lifetime Achievement Award is Janina Fisher. 

Past Recipients: 

  • Richard Schwartz (2023)
  • Susan Johnson (2022) 
  • John & Julie Gottman (2021) 
  • Peter Levine (2020) 
  • Mary Pipher (2019) 
  • Irvin Yalom (2018) 
  • Salvador Minuchin (2017)


 The founding editor of Psychotherapy Networker magazine loved words. That is, he loved the right words. He revered bold adjectives, high-energy verbs, and the occasional head-turning adverb. He was devoted to strong sentences and even stronger paragraphs—especially the all-important ones that open and close a piece of writing. Rich Simon’s love affair with words dovetailed into his reverence for the power of stories, which he believed could shape the field of psychotherapy. In fact, he devoted his entire career—over 45 years—to helping therapists around the world shape their ideas into relatable, engaging stories. As much as he respected clinical theories and frameworks, he believed in foregrounding clinician’s struggles and human vulnerabilities—and structuring what unfolded in therapist’s offices, clinics, and consulting rooms into well-crafted, suspenseful, informative narratives that captured the hearts and minds of readers. 

The Rich Simon Writing Award is given to individuals whose writing has consistently engaged us and delighted us while also challenging us to think about therapists, clients, and the field itself in brave, new ways. 

The 2024 recipient of the Rich Simon Award for Outstanding Writing is David Treadway. 

Past Recipients: 

  • William Doherty (2023)
  • Terry Real (2022)


New therapists can sometimes see things more experienced therapists can’t. They enter the field with fresh eyes and a fresh vision for what might carry the field forward in new times. In recognition of rising contributors to the field of psychotherapy, Psychotherapy Networker aims to honor individuals with the Vanguard Award who show extraordinary early career contributions to psychotherapy and who are already shaping the conversation for the next generation of therapists in meaningful ways. 

The first recipient of the Psychotherapy Networker Vanguard Award was Deran Young.

The 2024 recipient of the Vanguard Award is JC Hall.