December 1, 2020

107 - Young Adults and the Addictive Cycle

What Lies Beneath

Rates of anxiety and depression among young adults have been skyrocketing for years. Unsurprisingly, an increase in addictive behaviors tracks closely. Although most therapists understand how depression and other clinical issues fuel the addictive cycle, they’re often not aware of how effective treatment for young people differs from approaches targeted toward adults. In this workshop, presenters explore common experiences negatively impacting this age group, as well as practical interventions that elicit and work with young people’s core beliefs to direct treatment. You’ll discover how to:    

  • Uncover critical experiences, such as cyberbullying, sexual assault, emotional abandonment, and loss, that often underlie co-occurring disorders 
  • Effectively address clients’ deep-rooted views about themselves and the world 
  • Use practical tools, such as the Addiction Interaction template and Behavioral Acting Out framework, to offer direction for healing and an understanding of the function of addictive patterns related to behavior 
  • Explore the interplay of trauma and technology  

Claudia Black, PhD, is a renowned author, speaker and trainer. The clinical architect of The Claudia Black Young Adult Center and Senior Fellow at The Meadows in Arizona, she’s one of the founders and serves on the advisory board of the National Association for Children of Addiction, and the advisory counsel for the Eluna Foundation. She’s the author of over fifteen books. 

Whitney Howzell, PhD, LSW, has extensive experience working with gender related issues, attachment, sexual orientation, relationship communication, mental issues that impact African Americans, and sexual trauma. Her focus is on adolescents and families.  

Note: This workshop is available as self-study credit.


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