December 22, 2020

206 - Bringing the Body into Therapy

Clinical Tools from Somatic Experiencing

It’s now widely acknowledged that the body can be an ally in healing and psychotherapy, as well as one of the keys to helping clients move beyond trauma and embody resilience. In this workshop, featuring experiential exercises, you’ll learn to apply powerful clinical tools from Somatic Experiencing (SE), an approach developed by Peter Levine to heal trauma and other stress-related disorders by gently facilitating the release of thwarted survival physiology bound in the body during a traumatic or overwhelming event. You’ll explore:

  • How to create a vibrant experience of resilience and wholeness in your work
  • How implicit memory shapes our physiological and psychological responses to trauma and recovery
  • Three skills to work with the autonomic nervous system to rebound from trauma and overwhelm

Abi Blakeslee, SEP, CMT, MFT, PhD, integrates Somatic Experiencing with clinical research, the psychobiological principals of attachment, psychodynamic therapy, and somatic bodywork in her US and International practice and trainings.

Note: This workshop is live.


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