December 8, 2020

402 - Tips and Tactics for Talking about Race

A Toolkit for Therapists

Racial injustice remains an important issue in all aspects of our society, and the world of therapy is no exception. But despite the omnipresence of race in our lives, healing and meaningful conversations about it remain too often somewhere between difficult and impossible, characterized by avoidance, discomfort, and awkwardness. Clinicians and other human services workers are relied upon to navigate these difficult conversations, but many lack the requisite tools to do so. In this workshop, you’ll explore:

  • Tips and tools for promoting sustainable conversations about race within and outside of therapy
  • Relevant “Self of the Therapist” issues that may impede and/or facilitate meaningful conversations about race
  • The four critical developmental stages for effective conversations involving race: preparation, encounter, engagement, and execution

Kenneth Hardy, PhD, is director of the Eikenberg Institute for Relationships and professor of marriage and family therapy at Drexel University.

Note: This is workshop is live. It also fulfills many state board requirements for training in cultural competency.


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