102 Discovering the Artist Within

The Liberating Power of Creative Improvisation

In therapy, as in art, people often get blocked, stuck in repetitive patterns, and cut off from their natural source of creativity. In this experiential session, we’ll focus on the liberating power of creative improvisation to lead to fresh discoveries and insights. We’ll explore a range of art materials, creating spontaneous, intuitive imagery, and emphasizing process over product. Leaving judgment and analysis behind, we'll engage with the authentic artist within. Absolutely no prior art making experience required. You’ll explore: 

  • A nonthreatening, playful approach to art making that promotes curiosity and experimentation 
  • How to engage with unbidden and unexpected imagery that informs an attuned therapeutic presence 
  • New insights and awareness that emerge when we turn our attention away from the familiar verbal realm 
  • Unique ways to connect with clients who may be verbally shut down as a result of traumatic stress 

Tally Tripp, LCSW, LICSW, ATR-BC, is an art therapist and psychotherapist with over 35 years experience integrating experiential, expressive and body-based approaches in clinical practice. While her private practice is in the DC metro area, she consults and trains therapists nationally and internationally in the use of creative tools for managing traumatic stress.  


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November 16, 2021
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