103 Calming Practices for Anxious Times

Yoga in the Therapy Room

Spend a day engaging in soothing yoga practices that will both support you in your day-to-day work and can be shared with clients to enhance their own self-care and healing journeys. These evidence-based practices from LifeForce Yoga can reduce traumatic responses and high levels of anxiety by helping us move into our parasympathetic nervous system, stimulate the vagal nerve, and find moments of deep rest and contentment through simple breathing practices, guided meditations, and accessible movements. You’ll explore how to: 

  • Evaluate breathing patterns to assess emotional states, and shift them with a yoga-based practice  
  • Instantly bring an anxious state into balance at any point in the day with a breath practice, hand gesture, or sound 
  • Teach clients new ways to self-regulate and self-soothe with accessible movements that help them feel grounded and attuned to their bodies 
  • Develop a regular meditation practice that meets anxiety and calms the mind, body, and emotions  

Note: No CE credit for this workshop. 

Amy Weintraub, MFA, C-IAYT, the author of Yoga Skills for Therapists, Yoga for Depression, and Yoga for Your Mood Card Deck, created LifeForce Yoga, a protocol used in health care settings worldwide.   


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November 16, 2021
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