110 The Experience of Repairing Ancestral Trauma

The Restoration of Wholeness and Harmony

Your client has symptoms of traumatic stress, and no history of trauma. You’ve tried the evidence-based protocols for treating trauma and building resiliency, without clear cut or lasting change in the symptoms. Could your client be carrying the embodied impacts of intergenerational trauma? Perhaps, rather than meeting benchmarks of cognition and behavior, we need a new paradigm for healing, a process more grounded in the restoration of wholeness and harmony with nature. This workshop is an opportunity to experience a healing model that embraces the nonduality of mind and body and recognizes that our ancestral traumas are embodied in our present, and that our present moment flows seamlessly into an open future. We can use the present moment to heal ruptures and pain from the past, thereby changing the present and the trajectory of our future. In this workshop, you’ll explore: 

  • A new decolonized model of healing intergenerational trauma to use with clients 
  • A process for the repair of the ancient soul wounds of ancestral trauma 
  • Steps for integrating expressive arts, imagery, and reflection techniques in a way that builds resiliency and diminishes shame 
  • The power of recognizing and accepting the gifts of ancestors to shift a client’s sense of self-worth and value 

Anita Mandley, MS, LCPC, practices at The Center for Contextual Change, where she focuses on clients who’ve experienced trauma. She’s the creator of Integrative Trauma Recovery, a group therapy process for adults with complex PTSD.  


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November 16, 2021
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