418 Rethinking Anxiety in Light of the Pandemic

Radical Changes in the Presentation of Anxiety Disorders

Since the pandemic began, a new strain of anxiety has been flooding therapy rooms, one that's resistant to many established treatments. What's more, many therapists don't even recognize the ways in which this anxiety, fear, and panic is directly tied to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Those who do are playing catch-up, as this form of anxiety has had more than a year to entrench itself. Developing a new treatment not only means rethinking decades of research on anxiety disorders, but creating new, effective, evidence-based strategies and techniques. In this workshop, you'll learn how to recognize and treat pandemic-related anxiety, fear, and panic, as well as how to:

  • Identify Post-COVID Syndrome and its involvement in the anxiety explosion
  • Catch pathological health anxiety early on, before it morphs into other disorders
  • Understand the latest research on how anxiety manifests in the body
  • Counter clients’ automatic biases and cognitive errors by targeting both bottom-down and top-down brain systems

Marwa Azab, PhD, MA, is a TED speaker and author of a forthcoming textbook on anxiety, fear, panic and related Disorders. Her Psychology Today blog, “Neuroscience in Everyday Life,” has been viewed more that 1 million times.


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November 15, 2021
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