205 – Untangling Shame


Untangling Shame

Brené Brown’s Approach to Fostering Resilience and Courage in Everyday Life
Please note: this in-person workshop has reached capacity.

Even though shame is universal, how much did you learn about it in your training as a mental health professional? It’s critical that we help clients address this primitive human emotion, which is the intensely painful experience of believing that we’re flawed, damaged, broken, or inferior—and therefore unworthy of love and belonging. Thanks to the 20 years of research conducted by Brené Brown, we understand that trauma, shame, and fear of vulnerability go hand in hand. In this workshop, based on Brown’s research, you’ll discover the four elements to shame resilience, including how to:


  • Recognize shame and understand its triggers, exploring narratives that block us from deeply connecting with others, especially individuals from different cultures than our own
  • Practice critical awareness by reality-checking the messages and expectations that are driving shame
  • Own and share your story, to truly experience empathy and build courage and authenticity
  • Use language and story to bring light to shame and allow yourself to get your needs met

Deran Young, LCSW, has been working and learning alongside Brené Brown for over five years and helped to create Brene's organizational statement on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging. She also wrote a chapter in You Are Your Best Thing, coedited by Brené Brown and Tarana Burke. A retired military officer and founder of the nonprofit Black Therapists Rock, she specializes in racial trauma and legacy burdens.